Demon’s Souls On PS5 Gives You Far More Options For Character Customization

Demon’s Souls is bringing back the From Software game that really started it all back on the PS3, with developer Bluepoint adding some flourishes to its PlayStation 5 launch title. One of the big improvements over the original is the game’s character creation tools, which will give you far more options to customize your doomed warrior.

Although the original Demon’s Souls (and most Souls-like games that came afterwards) featured a character creator, the options and presets on offer left a lot to be desired. With this PS5 remake, you could likely spend a lot of time tweaking to your heart’s content, with additional options and sliders for pretty much every facet of your character’s facial design. You can also choose your character’s body type, race, and gender, which is all brought to life with a level of fidelity not remotely possible on the older PS3.

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To capture the beauty of your character, Demon’s Souls is also launching with a robust suite of photo mode options to catalogue your adventure. The standard options are here–zooms, camera pans, and character poses–along with a variety of filters that let you colorize the scene to your preference. These filters can be kept on for gameplay too, letting you play with a gloomy monochromatic mode or even a color scheme that more closely resembles the atmosphere of the original game.

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