Demon’s Souls Has New Secret Door That No One Can Open

Demon’s Souls features plenty of secrets and hidden passageways that can give you shortcuts or access to extra treasure, but it appears Bluepoint Games may have added a new Easter egg for the PS5 remake. Players have discovered what appears to be a new door fairly early in the game. The only problem is that no one can figure out how to open it.

The new door, which is behind an illusory wall you must attack to reveal, is located in the Tower Knight Archstone area. It’s commonly called “1-3” in Demon’s Souls fan circles because of how the game progresses between the five main Archstones. The wall itself is even obscured by some breakable rubble, but you’ll be greeted with an “it appears to be locked” message if you try to open the door.

Users on the game’s Reddit page haven’t been able to figure out what is behind the door or how to open it, but it looks like this will be the next great Souls mystery until someone does.

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