Cyberpunk 2077 flying mod lets you soar over Night City

No, I didn’t discover my character some underground market cyberware for his calves that let him jump like the Hulk across Night City. Regardless of the posture you find in the screen capture over, this is even more a Superman kinda thing.

With the Freefly Mod for Cyberpunk 2077, you can abandon the asphalt and straight-up fly. A basic tap of the 5 key actuates your new superpower, and afterward it’s simply a question of controlling yourself through the air with WASD, in addition to space and move to change your height. Air travel has never been simpler.

The flight (for me at any rate) isn’t overly smooth—it’s a bit jumpy, indeed, even at low velocities like in the gif I made above (you can change the speed of your trip with the 6 and 7 keys). However, it’s still lovely cool to get open to question and look at Night City from another point of view. The Freefly mod requires the Cyberengine Tweaks mod to get running, so ensure you introduce that, as well.

Taking off over Night City is pleasant in light of the fact that I was really frustrated there weren’t a few flying alternatives in Cyberpunk 2077. I’m not saying I figure V should fly around like Iron Man, however a hovercar or two would have been welcome. Aside from a helicopter ride and drift limo trip at a few focuses in the game, you’re basically stuck on the ground.

I’m trusting somebody in the end mods in a Bladerunner Spinner so I can coast around Night City in style. Meanwhile, this should do. In case you’re searching for more fun approaches to mod the game, look at our rundown of the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods.