Cyberpunk 2077 expansions are still in development, CD Projekt confirms

The studio said yesterday that it is reevaluating Cyberpunk’s multiplayer, however arranged developments and DLC are as yet pushing ahead.

Disc Projekt said yesterday that it has “chose to reevaluate” its arrangements for Cyberpunk 2077’s multiplayer segment. It had recently been prodded as a significant independent endeavor of its own—CD Projekt joint CEO Adam Kiciński said in November 2020 that the multiplayer part “is another autonomous creation and [an] free group of individuals deals with it”— yet now it seems like that arrangement is being dialed back.

“Rather than fundamentally zeroing in on one major online experience or game, we are zeroing in on bringing on the web into the entirety of our establishments one day,” Kiciński said yesterday. “We are building an online innovation that can be consistently incorporated into improvement of our future games.”

Kiciński didn’t explain what precisely is changing, however my considerations immediately went to Mass Effect Andromeda, another profoundly expected and vigorously advertised RPG that besieged seriously at dispatch. In that circumstance, BioWare immediately reassessed the entire thing, choosing not for discharge any singleplayer refreshes or new story content past the 1.10 fix—viably finishing improvement of the game.

Album Projekt said it will do nothing comparable with Cyberpunk 2077, nonetheless, affirming in a post-update call that notwithstanding delays, arranged extensions and DLC are as yet being developed.

“We’ve been discussing the way that there will be extensions for Cyberpunk for some time,” senior VP of business advancement Michał Nowakowski said. “We haven’t given any subtleties regarding their names or any potential SRP [suggested retail price] or anything like that, however indeed, we can affirm we’re dealing with them. They’re in our arrangements.”

Nowakowski added that the arranged free DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, like the little bits of free substance delivered for The Witcher 3, is additionally still arranged.

In a similar call, Kiciński took a go to speak more about the move in Cyberpunk 2077’s multiplayer part, despite the fact that he didn’t really say a lot regarding what it will mean for the game.

“We are changing our methodology towards multiplayer, and—as we said—we need to add online components,” he said. “I’m not discussing DLCs or mods; we’re not prepared to examine subtleties, yet we need to carry out significant changes bit by bit, and we will, obviously, create AAAs in equal. So—we’ll have equal AAA improvement groups, and online as an alternate authoritative unit, as it were. Multiplayer/online segments will one day improve our future single-player games.”

In the system video posted yesterday Kiciński said that GOG, CD Projekt’s online customer facing facade and launcher, will assume a focal part in the organization’s endeavors to “grow a worldwide local area of gamers.” Responding to a different inquiry concerning whether CD Projekt is hoping to expand adaptation of its games, notwithstanding, he explained that the new technique is as yet centered around multiplayer.

“We are discussing multiplayer, full stop,” he said. “We are alluding to multiplayer components inside our games, and—most importantly—we need to make them fit the single-player experience. It’s too soon to discuss adaptation, yet we certainly need players to have shared encounters, to play together—in certain regions, I would say—in our future games.”

Tragically, there was no sign offered with respect to when those all out Cyberpunk 2077 extensions may show up. The studio said in a January update that the attention on fixing the game has constrained it to push back the DLC discharge plan, and as per its new system of not starting up the publicity machine too early, Nowakowski said he would “prefer not to remark on the circumstance” presently.