Cyberpunk 2077 Class Action Lawsuit Is Happening, CDPR Will Defend Itself

As threatened earlier in December, CD Projekt S.A. is being taken to court in the United States over claims that the bug-ridden state of Cyberpunk 2077‘s PS4 and Xbox One releases were hidden from investors, causing them to incur losses. Now the company has responded to acknowledge the class action suit, with a brief statement saying it will defend itself vigorously.

The class action refers to Cyberpunk 2077’s release on PS4 and Xbox One, which ranged from incredibly buggy to literally unplayable. The issues encountered by players on these consoles led to CD Projekt Red putting out a statement that invited unhappy players to seek a refund, and later caused Sony to remove the game from the PlayStation store in a rare move. These issues caused CD Projekt stock prices to plummet, with the company’s founders losing approximately $1 billion in value off their joint share.

CD Projekt has already received criticism from many within the gaming community for only providing advance review copies on PC, meaning the numerous issues on PS4 and Xbox One didn’t come to light until the game’s retail release.

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