Crusader Kings 3 1.1 Patch Is Here, And It’s A Big One

Paradox’s grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3 may be a lot to handle for new players, but what other game would deliver patch notes like “historical characters will no longer be their own parent,” or “children can no longer be educated by hardened criminals.” The game’s 1.1 patch is here and huge, offering cultural and historical corrections, bug fixes, and plenty of balancing tweaks.

Paradox’s highlights from the massive list of patch notes are as follows:

  • A host of bug fixes, including changes to character interactions and succession rules.
  • Corrections to the historical setup in many regions.
  • Key balance changes to many parts of the game, including succession rules, nation formation, and military management.
  • User interface tweaks including new siege views, a bookmark screen, and a general makeover.
  • Tougher Mongol invasions.
  • Improved AI decision making.
  • New abilities for modders.

Many of the changes made in patch 1.1 are historical and cultural fixes, with some of the notes containing a full history lesson in themselves. Others fix some frankly hilarious bugs in the game’s sprawling dynastic system, such as “people are now less eager to marry people they are terrified of,” or “if you instantly regret romancing someone the game will now accept that you’ve moved on.”

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