Crucial’s MX500 1TB is still an excellent SSD and it’s down to just $85 right now

An incredible cost for what actually positions as one of our number one SSDs.

At the danger of cursing it, SSDs are still promptly accessible, dissimilar to the most current CPUs and GPUs. Capacity items have not encountered similar deficiencies or value climbs as those different parts. There are even arrangements to be had, similar to this one for Crucial’s MX500 in 1TB structure.

The MX500 actually holds a spot in our gathering of the best SSDs for gaming (we fundamentally suggest it as an auxiliary stockpiling drive nowadays, if your M.2 spaces are involved), and it tends to be had for $84.99 at Newegg. That cost is in the wake of applying coupon code 63WTNTY277 at checkout.

Significant MX500 1TB SSD | SATA | $119.99 $84.99 at Newegg (save $35)

Are your M.2 openings all involved? That actually doesn’t mean you need to wander from SSDs. Urgent’s MX500 1TB SSD makes an extraordinary auxiliary stockpiling alternative, and can even still do its fair share as an essential stockpiling drive. Simply make certain to utilize promotion code 63WTNTY277 at checkout for the full rebate.


The MX500 is a 2.5-inch structure factor SSD with a SATA 6Gbps interface. Quicker M.2 structure factor models with NVMe interfaces are the better choice for essential stockpiling obligations, however this rebate keeps the MX500 in play as an eminent elective deserving of thought.

As things stand, gaming on a SATA SSD is about equivalent to gaming on a NVMe SSD, regarding load times and in general execution. That will ideally change as designers begin to use Microsoft’s DirectStorage API for Windows 10, yet at the present time, there is next to no contrast between the two.

That is to state, even as an essential stockpiling alternative, the MX500 can at present hold its own at this moment, if that is the bearing you need to go. It’s truly better as an optional drive, however, where it can present speedier reinforcements than a mechanical HDD without whipping your financial balance. In any case, this is a decent cost for a 1TB SSD.