Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio Reveals Truly Horrible Title Karate Kid Almost Had

The third season of Cobra Kai is streaming now on Netflix, which prompted an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon by star Ralph Macchio. While he was there to promote the new episodes of the series, he also dropped an interesting bombshell about the movie that started it all, The Karate Kid. Did you know that wasn’t the film’s original title?

While playing a game with Fallon, Macchio admitted that he originally hated the title The Karate Kid, thinking it was too hokey. But it’s worlds better than what the movie was originally going to be called. According to Macchio, director John G. Avildsen told him initially that the film was to be called East Meets West in West.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the movie was renamed The Karate Kid, leading to the franchise we all know and love. Honestly, how would that title have worked for the sequels? Who is going to watch The Next East Meets West in West?

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