Cobra Kai Season 3 On Netflix: What Happens Next For Johnny?

Since debuting on Netflix, scores of new viewers have been exposed to the first two seasons of Cobra Kai, which picks up 30 years after the initial Karate Kid movie. Those who have watched the show, which originally debuted on YouTube Premium, have witnessed the role reversal between the characters Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

In the original film, Daniel is cast as the hero, with Johnny being his nemesis. As adults, though, that’s not quite the case. Instead, Johnny is an antihero, trying his best to survive and thrive while his old opponent is living in the lap of luxury as a used car salesman, seemingly with the world at his fingertips.

For Zabka, the role reversal is a gift he never expected. “To get a chance to do that after living with being the bad guy from Karate Kid for 30 years and to have this new stage that’s like this, it’s a dream come true,” he told GameSpot.

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