Co-op survival game Valheim sells a million copies in a week

The Early Access community Viking endurance game is a confirmed hit.

Center Viking endurance game Valheim may have just headed out into Early Access a week ago, yet it’s now hit a significant achievement: 1,000,000 duplicates sold. The Allfather Odin (who may really be covertly keeping an eye on Valheim players) would definitely be pleased.

In a message posted on Valheim’s Steam page, Swedish designer Iron Gate Studios expressed gratitude toward players for their help and criticism. “Not just have we outperformed our first enormous achievement together, yet the manner in which you have all mobilized your weapons and accepted Valheim has been mind boggling. In a little more than two years what our little yet impressive studio has had the option to accomplish is mind blowing,” the studio said.

“Our inboxes are filled to the edges with incredible input and proposals and we are thrilled to perceive how drawn locally is in Valheim’s turn of events.”

It is anything but a tremendous stun to see Valheim crash across the million deals mark. A couple of brief days after it dispatched it immediately jumped to the best 10 games list on Steam and at present appreciates “overwhelmingly certain” audits. It’s been a hit on Twitch as well: Iron Gate reports 127,000 pinnacle watchers.

Also, we’re appreciating it here at PC Gamer, where it’s immediately revived my adoration for the endurance experience. Furthermore, in case you’re simply beginning, we have some Valheim tips for novices, a manual for fighting Valheim’s five major supervisors, a tricky method to effortlessly find Valheim’s merchant, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.