Celeste Classic is a whole lot easier with a Portal gun

Caroline rethinks the PICO-8 platformer as an Aperture testing facitily.

Bringing Portal’s handheld wormhole gadget into Celeste may make platforming a breeze, however there’s something through and through more vile about this Aperture-supported mountain climb.

A self-portrayed “Entryway demake camouflaged as a Celeste Classic mod”, Caroline revamps the last’s platforming puzzles into a progression of Portal-style spatial difficulties. Presently accessible as a free demo on Itch, Caroline offers a decent dozen or so stages to push through—and keeping in mind that they’re somewhat on the simple side, it’s captivating to see Celeste utilized as a vessel to demake Valve’s puzzler.

Modder Meep hasn’t quite recently brought over Portal’s material science puzzles, mind. Valve’s humor brings over through short test declarations. It’s missing something without Ellen McLain’s voice acting, however Meep generally hits the correct equilibrium of sterile, yet strangely pernicious composition.

This isn’t Portal’s first 2D demake, mind. The fiercely well known Portal: The Flash Version started advancement not long after Portal’s declaration—and keeping in mind that that demake might’ve been lost with the demise of Adobe Flash toward the finish of 2020, a chronicled variant is completely playable over on the Internet Archive’s Flash Library.

Celeste Classic designer Maddy Thorson likewise returned to the PICO-8 unique with a continuation recently. Free subsequent Lani’s Trek replaces the first’s air-running with a catching snare, opening up a totally different road of bad-to-the-bone platforming challenges.