Capcom is charging $1500 for Chris Redfield’s boring Resident Evil Village coat

Occupant Evil Village isn’t out, and we’ve just seen a surge of noteworthy fan-craftsmanship and cosplay of the web’s #1 monster woman. Save an idea for the Chris Redfield fans, at that point, who currently need to choose whether they need to put in several months’ lease on a game-exact woolen coat.

As spotted by Kotaku, Capcom is right now offering Japanese fanatics of Resident Evil a copy Redfield coat for ¥159,731 (generally $1,539). Accessible alone or as a feature of two separate authorities releases and comes in four sizes: medium, enormous, extra-huge, and a legend precise “Unique Model” for anybody with the titanic, wide bore build of a videogame activity saint. This form, the portrayal peruses, depends on the real coat Capcom checked into the game.

Presently, I’m no menswear master, however it appears to be excessive for a kinda exhausting coat. While an absence of catches will assist show with offing your protruding pecs, it appears to be an irritation for keeping yourself warm. In truth, this isn’t the most costly connection coat Capcom have sold—that honor goes to a $8000 Devil May Cry overcoat. All things considered, there’d be no befuddling that for a modest coat off the high road. Indeed, even those naff Assassin’s Creed hoodies had a touch of character to them

Occupant Evil Village is set to show up on May seventh over on Steam. PS5 players have just been looking around in a restricted “Lady” demo, set to show up on all stages later this Spring, and we have the overview of all you require to know before discharge.