Capcom Hack Reportedly Reveals Resident Evil Village Release Date, Great Ace Attorney Plans

The unfortunate Capcom data breach from early November has resulted in many customers and employees of the company potentially having their personal information dredged up. However, the breach has also potentially revealed quite a bit of new information about the company’s upcoming games, including the release date of the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village.

Several details apparently uncovered by the hack have started making the rounds on forums like ResetEra, particularly the release date of Resident Evil Village, which is said to be April 2021. It also seems that the recently revealed Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise will come to other platforms in October 2021. Additionally, a multiplayer Resident Evil that’s said to be a battle royale of some sort coming September 2021. And finally, the data breach alleged that Great Ace Attorney and Great Ace Attorney 2, which are spin-offs set in Meiji-era Japan, will receive a Western release in July.

Hackers also accessed scant details for several upcoming projects, codenamed Project Guillotine, Project Reiwa, and Project Shield. Though we don’t know much information about each, it seems that Project Guillotine is coming to Switch in February, and Project Shield appears to be some kind of multiplayer shooter.

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