Call Of Duty: Warzone’s zombies have shambled their way to the bank

Might you want to set aside an installment? We acknowledge money, card, and human tissue.

Honorable obligation: Warzone’s zombies are proceeding with their great visit across Verdansk. In the wake of washing shorewards and unearthing the medical clinic, the swarm has now shown up at Acropolis National Bank—and they’re not keen on opening an investment account.

The undead first showed up on Verdansk’s shores just about a month prior, and have gradually been contaminating new zones of the guide. This week, Raven declared that the bank would be the following area to be hit, prodding that “the lone thing worth saving is your reserve funds”.

That bother was joined by an in-character legend section over on the Warzone blog, examining a couple of potential purposes behind the most recent disease. The most unrealistic, however generally fun, is that the rotters have “a characteristic fascination for fiat money”, which would in any event clarify why Warzone members can plunder money and ammunition off their cadavers.

Last time the zombies moved to another spot, Activision prodded content makers by sending them themed emergency clinic scours with inauspicious messages connected. No such karma this time around, though it pains me to say so. The Call Of Duty distributer won’t help you open a bank account.

The progressing zombie intrusion is generally accepted to be a lead-up to Warzone’s new guide. Verdansk is relied upon to be nuked because of the wild episode at some point one month from now, preparing for Warzone to move to a spic and span field.