Call Of Duty: Warzone’s nukes are landing early

Verdansk isn’t set to get nuked for an additional fourteen days.

Atomic bombs have started falling on Call Of Duty: Warzone’s combat zone. Yet, luckily for players, it appears somebody neglected to arm these warheads prior to dropping them on Verdansk.

We’ve since a long time ago realized that some sort of atomic Armageddon is coming up for Warzone, yet it would appear that the rockets have bounced the firearm, with numerous players spotting atomic warheads pre-emptively emitting from storehouses prior to slamming back to earth—sans blast.

COD fansite Modern Warzone got genuine near one of these effects, flaunting the sheer size of these things before it vanishes with a whoosh of air. Not exactly the atomic armageddon we were anticipating.

Redditor AmedeeO10 posted comparative film of numerous rockets dispatching, and proposed that the glitch might be selective to the King Slayer Trios playlist.

The going hypothesis is that the nuke occasion is attached to Verdansk’s continuous zombie episode. Sooner or later, the guide will be nuked to destroy the undead hazard, making ready for another Warzone map—with current breaks showing a 80s-themed form of Verdansk, drastically changing a large number of its milestone structures.

Honorable obligation new guide and next season are assessed to show up on April 22, so, all in all those rockets will turn into somewhat more destructive.