Call of Duty: Warzone’s next monster update is 81GB smaller if you delete Modern Warfare

Obligation at hand: Warzone fans don’t have a lot to get amped up for in tomorrow’s middle of the season update. While Black Ops – Cold War is getting new guides and modes, Warzone fans are getting a rifleman rifle and a couple of new administrators. Yet, that doesn’t imply that our hard drives are protected—the upcoming Warzone fix is an astounding 133GB download in the event that you likewise have Modern Warfare introduced. If not, you’re fit as a fiddle.

Here are the download sizes, as laid out in the present blog entry:

Anyway, what gives and for what reason does Activision disdain my SSD? Downloads are greater this time around in light of the fact that the general sizes of Warzone and Modern Warfare are contracting. When the residue has settled, Warzone will shrivel by 11.8GB and Modern Warfare by around 30GB. All the more free space is decent, however players ought to genuinely consider if it merits keeping Modern Warfare refreshed in case you’re not playing it much nowadays (particularly if your ISP has an exacting information cap). You can slice your download down the middle by uninstalling the Modern Warfare lump before the fix drops tomorrow evening at 11PM PDT.

All things considered, even 52GB is a ton to swallow for an update that adds nothing important to Warzone. Activision’s refreshed Season 2 guide has a solitary box for Warzone that essentially says “more zombies, child.” Cool, I presume. Combat area’s zombie presence has been quite possibly the most baffling guide changes in the game since its dispatch. There’s undeniable potential for broad zombie shenanigans in Verdansk that Activision may in any case follow up on later on, however for the present, zombies are an exhausting interruption that move from one town to another like a herd of birds.

Ideally, a portion of this download has to do with Warzone’s for some time reputed new guide, which will probably consolidate existing areas from Cold War’s Fireteam maps.

News is a cycle better on the Cold War front, which is getting another Outbreak map (Sanitorium), a couple of new guides, remixed modes, another sharpshooter rifle, and a couple of administrators that will likewise work in Warzone. The entirety of that for an extra 8GB on PC. In any event, when Call of Duty is little, it’s still quite enormous.