Call of Duty: Warzone’s best gun just got nerfed

The FFAR is just perhaps the best firearm in Warzone, to the degree it may right now be the most-mainstream loadout pick in the game. Tut, says Raven, that will not do by any means, and the most recent Warzone fix will bargain the FFAR an impressive nerf.

Among the present fix takes note of, the designers clarify that it currently takes more time to point down the sight with the weapon, generally as a result of its adequacy at all reaches.

“The FFAR is a handyman,” read the notes. “It has the harm profile and scope of an AR just as the fire pace of a SMG. The FFAR’s discount adequacy makes them edge out SMGs at ranges we’re not happy with. Preferably, the FFAR satisfies the part of a mid-range dominator while falling prey to weapons that dominate in short-range commitment. We are aligning the FFAR somewhat more with what you may anticipate from an AR—harm and reach at the expense of taking care of.”

The Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie has additionally been nerfed in a comparative style, with expanded force: “At this moment we feel it is too simple to even think about remaining on track given how deadly it is.”

There are a large number of other minor changes and bug fixes, with more significant changes going to the strategic guide. Players would now be able to double tap on it to put a ‘threat’ ping for partners, while drifting over certain pingable articles will currently give the name of the item for simpler distinguishing proof. Different changes should see pings all the more precisely positioned.

In spite of not appearing to contain a horrendous part, this fix actually times in at an astounding 52.4 GB for Warzone-just players, and 133.6 GB for those with Warzone and Modern Warfare. Amazing! Activision truly doesn’t need space for some other games on your hard drive, huh.

On the off chance that this news leaves you FFAR gone about what to do on the war zone, don’t perspire: here are the best firearms in Warzone, routinely refreshed.