Call of Duty: Warzone drops a second, stronger nerf on the dominant DMR 14

The present fix additionally fixes the most recent endless stim glitch.

For as far back as month, a solitary firearm has overwhelmed each Call of Duty: Warzone coordinate. The DMR 14, a weapon persisted from Black Ops – Cold War, immediately burst into flames in the wake of delivering in Warzone on account of its handily overseen withdraw, excusing harm reach, and high shoot rate. A fix a week ago pointed toward bringing down its ubiquity demonstrated inadequate, yet Raven Software is sending a second DMR 14 nerf today.

Here’s beginning and end that is coming in the present DMR-centered update, including a couple of changes to blast guns and a fix for the most recent endless stim glitch:

The present fix takes a more uncommon remain against the DMR 14 (and the Type 63 marksman rifle, likewise). Essentially, Raven is moving its details more like an attack rifle and further from an expert marksman rifle.

A harsher harm dropoff will positively bring down its execute potential at significant distances, yet the greater arrangement here is the force nerf. With the field specialist foregrip done bringing down its vertical force, preparing a long-range scope conveys greater dangers. What the present nerf doesn’t address is more major details like harm and fire rate.

However long you’re at a medium reach, the DMR should feel pretty much equivalent to it has with a perceptible increment to pull back. Perhaps this nerf will have the expected impact of empowering more weapon assortment across Verdansk. In the event that you missed it, Nvidia declared yesterday that Warzone will get DLSS uphold soon, a help to PC players running a RTX card.