Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare just removed two of its newest maps

Seepage and Al-Raab Airbase were added without ballyhoo a week ago.

A week ago, Infinity War unobtrusively added three new guides to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, a game that hasn’t seen critical options in months. Yet, apparently quiet wasn’t totally lost, since Infinity Ward has since eliminated two of those new fields from the game.

Try not to stress: Killhouse, the fan-most loved guide from 2004’s unique Modern Warfare, is setting down deep roots. Yet, where that guide was given its own every minute of every day playlist, Drainage and Al-Raab Airbase were just ever playable in custom games. Eurogamer reports that the guides have now disappeared, again with zero remark from either Infinity Ward or Activision.

Honorable obligation has all the earmarks of being overflowing with untimely dispatches recently. Simply this week, Warzone’s for some time speculated atomic armageddon commenced right on time, as flop bombs fell on Verdansk. Combat area and Black Ops – Cold War’s new R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow additionally showed up early, in the long run coming to simply Cold War seven days after the fact.

However more Warzone releases seemed for this present week, as well. Current Warzone reports that another in-game group incorporates a skin for unreleased administrator Sparks and the unreleased Sykov gun, however the posting was immediately pulled from the store.

It’s as of now muddled whether Drainage and Al-Raab Airbase will at any point advance back to Modern Warfare in a more authority limit. PC Gamer has contacted Activision for input.