Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Everything You Need To Remember About The Black Ops Story

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War returns to the story of the original Black Ops from 10 years ago, continuing to fill in the timeline between what happened in the 1960s in the original and the huge time skip to 2025 in Black Ops II. Set in 1981, Cold War again features major Black Ops protagonists Alex Mason and Frank Woods, while adding a new team of spies working to stop a Soviet operative called Perseus from doing a lot of bad things.

The series has a lot of narrative twists that can be tricky to follow, so we’re running down all the story you might not remember after a decade to help you follow along in Cold War. The game makes a few key references to past characters and events, so you’ll want to know exactly what went down as you work with a new squad to stop the Soviet Union, save the western world, and engage in all kinds of spy shenanigans.

Black Ops – All About The Brainwashing

The main thing to remember about the original Black Ops is the brainwashing. There was a lot going on in that game, but at its simplest, it’s a story about programming and counter-programming as Mason fights against the ideas that have been placed in his head by nefarious actors. Mason is in Cuba taking part in the Bay of Pigs, a real-life botched operation to train Cuban exiles and land them back in Cuba to overthrow Castro. In Black Ops, Mason tries to assassinate Castro, only for Russian soldiers to capture him.

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