Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Dev Talks About Pushing The Series Forward With More Player Freedom

The Call of Duty series is known for its linear campaigns, but this has started to shift with the franchise’s recent releases that provided players with more freedom and choice. This trend continues with Black Ops Cold War, and it goes even further, Raven Software’s senior creative director Dan Vondrak told GameSpot.

While Black Ops Cold War will embrace a more open-ended structure, you can and should expect the same kind of over-the-top Call of Duty action that the series is known for. Vondrak said the open-ended elements of Black Ops Cold War were designed to give people a greater sense of ownership of the story, if they choose to embrace it.

“Any amount of player ownership we can put inside a mission, we try to do that. People sometimes just want to get in and just focus on a very linear experience and keep that hard driving Call of Duty action. So without a doubt we wanted to add a bunch of optional stuff as well,” he said.

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