Both Euro and American Truck Simulators to get a total lighting overhaul

We do adore a touch of shipping here at PC Gamer, yet I’ll promptly concede that SCS’s enormous apparatus sims are somewhat dull to take a gander at. Luckily, both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator just turned into a ton prettier, on account of another lighting update presented over the course of the end of the week.

There’s a great deal that is gone into update 1.40’s lighting changes, and the engineer plunges profound into the specialized subtleties behind the redesign in a Steam declaration post. The motor’s underlying lighting framework was planned 10 years prior, and designs tech has progressed significantly from that point forward.

In that capacity, light sources are currently more precisely displayed against their certifiable partners, instead of a rough speculation inside obsolete impediments. The camera presently considers light openness, while the redesign likewise caused add some freshness to reflections showing up on polished surfaces.

Just from the screen captures appeared, it has all the earmarks of being working. There’s constantly been a sort of level look to SCS’s truck sims, and this update goes far towards adding more profundity and life to the streets of Europe and the US.

However, with generous changes to the lighting, SCS has needed to make clearing acclimations to a lot of workmanship resources across the two games—cleaning up harsher surfaces and models that were more satisfactory in the old framework. However, this work should better set up the two games for much bigger visual updates in future, with plans to present genuinely based delivering some place as it were.

With the 1.40 update as of now in Open Beta for the two games, the Euro form is likewise running after upgrading Germany’s visuals, and adding new French areas in anticipation of the forthcoming Iberia DLC.