Black Widow In Marvel’s Avengers: Tips And Best Abilities To Get First

Out now, Marvel’s Avengers is an action-RPG that focuses on rebuilding the team of Earth’s mightiest heroes to face off against a new threat. Starring some of Marvel’s most iconic characters, including Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man, you’ll work with your team of heroes to battle robot minions and various supervillains. One of the Avengers’ key members is the master assassin Black Widow. And while she doesn’t have superpowers of her own, she possesses a particular set of skills that makes her one of the deadliest members of the superhero crew.

If you want a more detailed look at each playable hero, then check out our on-going break downs for each character, such as this explainer for Iron Man, along with a general look at the entire roster of the Avengers.

Black Widow Hero Summary

To paint a clearer picture for what Natasha Romanova–AKA Black Widow–brings to the table, think of her as the rogue class in the Avengers. She’s the fastest character on the roster, and with her skills that focus on getting in and out of combat with ease, she can be surprisingly tricky to get accustomed to when compared to the other more over-the-top and straight-forward characters. Her skills in taking out foes, in her particular way, can make for a playstyle that’s both slick and clever in its approach. Black Widow is more geared towards agility and heroic attributes when it comes to stats, which will give you some great ways to move around the field and strike at your enemies when they least expect it.

Compared to seeing Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and the Hulk in action, Black Widow’s somewhat reserved approach certainly sticks out. However, what makes Black Widow such a deadly fighter is that her abilities are tailor-made for single-target enemies. She doesn’t have the bombast of Thor or the Hulk, with their attacks sweeping through large groups of enemies at once. Instead, Black Widow’s abilities focus on incapacitating targets, which means that your attacks will deal heavy stagger damage, opening them up to takedown finishers. When you get used to her style, Black Widow can be a blast to play as.

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