BioWare is working with the modding community on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition compatibility

“It’s continuous, and we’ll examine in more detail by dispatch.”

The Mass Effect set of three has a solid modding local area, answerable for everything from full surface redoes through to mods that accelerate those grisly stumbling lifts. In any case, with the declaration of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, there exists the likelihood that all that difficult work could be delivered old.

BioWare doesn’t need that to occur, however. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project chief Mac Walters has guaranteed Twitter clients that the studio is delicate to the modding local area’s interests, and has just connected with a couple of individuals.

“We’ve… been in contact with a couple in the modding local area to figure out how best to a) update everybody on changes that will affect existing mods, and b) set the modding local area up for progress going ahead,” Walters tweeted. “It’s progressing, and we’ll talk about in more detail by dispatch.”

Reissues and remasters can regularly cause a cerebral pain for modding networks: when Bethesda delivered Skyrim: Special Edition back in 2018 all current mods should have been adjusted to the new form.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition delivery date is May 14. It orders the singleplayer segment of each of the three games in the first set of three, just as the entirety of their singleplayer DLC (except for the Pinnacle Station DLC from ME1).