Bill & Ted Face The Music: 45 Easter Eggs, References, And Things You Missed

We did it! We made it to the release of Bill & Ted Face the Music, at long last. The film, which reunited Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as their iconic characters for the first time in nearly three decades, is available in select theaters and on digital release as of now.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, chances are you’ve already watched the movie at least once. Did you catch all of the Easter eggs and references sprinkled throughout the film, though? If you didn’t, that’s quite alright. GameSpot has you covered. After watching Face the Music multiple times, we’ve uncovered 45 different things you should keep an eye out for in the new film.

You can take a look at all of the Easter eggs and things you might have missed below. Also make sure to check out GameSpot’s review of Bill and Ted Face the Music, as well as an explanation of why Bill & Ted 4 probably won’t happen.

1. Previously on Bill & Ted

It’s been 29 years since Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, so beginning things with a recap was a good call.

2. It hasn’t gone well

The recap also shows how things have gone for the Wyld Stallyns since the last film. The band hasn’t done well, they haven’t saved the world, and Bill and Ted have become a joke. How the most excellent have fallen.

3. The last supper

Early on in the film, viewers earn that the fabric of time is being ripped apart and we’re shown quick shots of a variety of historic moments–from Babe Ruth playing baseball to the last supper of Jesus Christ.

4. They’re back

All these years later, through thick and thin, Bill and Ted are still at each other’s side.

5. Missy, I mean mom

First, she married Bill’s dad in Excellent Adventure, then Ted’s in Bogus Journey. Now, in Face the Music, Missy has found a new love of her life–Ted’s little brother Deacon.

6. Deacon’s all grown up

That’s right, Deacon is back in Face the Music and he’s all grown up. He’s also played by a new actor. In Excellent Adventure, he was played by Frazier Bane. In Face the Music, Saturday Night Live’s Beck Bennett takes over the role.

Bane has gone on to produce a number of reality TV shows, including Last Comic Standing and Pawnography.

7. The princesses

The princesses Bill and Ted married are also back, though much like with Deacon they are played by new actresses. Jayma Mays (Joanna) and Erinn Hayes (Elizabeth) feature heavily in the movie. That’s not new to the series, though. In Excellent Adventure, Diane Franklin and Kimberley LaBella played Joanna and Elizabeth, respectively. In Bogus Journey, they were replaced by Sarah Trigger and Annette Azcuy.

8. Ted’s dad still looks angry

If we’ve earned anything from the movies that game before, Ted’s dad John Logan (Hal Landon Jr.) does not think highly of his son or Bill. Some things never change.

9. The Wyld Stallyns have not aged well

In their attempt to find a song to unite the world, Bill and Ted have strayed far from their rock and roll roots. This is nothing like Those Who Rock. Instead, it’s just a lot of throat-singing and theremin.

10. Little Bill & Ted

Viewers were first introduced to Little Bill and Ted in Bogus Journey. Now, we meet them all grown up. Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Thea (Samara Weaving) are a lot like their dads.

11. Rufus’s daughter

Kristen Schall plays Kelly, the daughter of Rufus (George Carlin). The naming of the character is a nod to Carlin’s real-life daughter.

12. The future

The future looks a lot more high tech in Face the Music. The CGI put to use in crafting it makes it look far brighter, even though circumstances are more dire.

13. The phone booth

Now here’s a true relic of the past. When Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey were released, phone booths were still a fairly normal thing to see. Now, though, that’s definitely changed. Still, seeing Bill and Ted come across their old time machine is a special moment.

14. Rufus returns

It was previously revealed that Rufus would appear in the new film, and it’s hard to argue that this is the perfect way to do it. With just a bit of repurposed footage, Face the Music was able to craft a truly emotional moment.

15. Be excellent to each other

It turns out that Bill and Ted’s life motto of “Be excellent to each other and party on” doesn’t carry as much weight now as it did three decades ago.

16. A more reliable watch

In the first film, Ted had a wind-up watch that he has to be reminded to keep winding. Thankfully, they were given Rufus’s watch for this new adventure, which doesn’t need that kind of attention.

17. Circuits of time phone book

That phone book sure looks familiar. It’s the only way to travel through time.

18. Air guitar

Bill and Ted’s signature air guitar was sorely missed. It only happens a couple of times in Face the Music, but they still do it even when middle-aged.

19. Sad future Bill and Ted

The first of a few future versions of Bill and Ted we meet in the film. These two are mostly washed-up rock stars who play open mic nights and definitely live in their van.

20. Ted’s drinking problem

This is also the first hint we get that Ted might have a drinking problem, as he seems pretty attached to that flask.

21. Excellent Adventure 2.0

In an effort to help their dads, Billie and Thea set off on a journey through history, much like Bill and Ted did in Excellent Adventure.

22. The weirdest therapy session ever

Time travel. Princesses. The end of space and time as we know it. Bill, Ted, Joanna, and Elizabeth sure do unload some heavy exposition on their couples’ therapist.

23. Ridiculous rock star Bill and Ted

So many future versions of Bil and Ted are just awful, including these over-the-top rock stars with bad British accents. Of course, we learn this is all part of a con they’re pulling.

24. Hey, Dave Grohl

That leads to a cameo by Dave Grohl. It seems Bill and Ted are squatting in his house while he’s out of town, just to convince their past selves they figured out the song to save reality. Instead, they just stole it from Grohl.

25. No, seriously, we gotta talk about Ted’s drinking

And, naturally, Ted’s drinking had only gotten worse. He’s graduated from a flask to simply chugging from a bottle of vodka.

26. The return of Death

In his first appearance in Face the Music, we see Death watching Ted’s dad as he plummets to hell.

27. Jimi Hendrix

Where else would Billie and Thea’s first stop be to enlist a band member than one of the greatest guitarists to ever live?

28. Louis Armstrong

Next on their checklist is Louis Armstrong, who quickly becomes a fan of both Hendrix and smartphones.

29. Mozart

Bill and Ted had Beethoven, Billie and Thea enlisted Mozart.

30. Muscular prisoner Bill and Ted

The next version of future Bill and Ted is downright silly. Now in prison after being arrested for breaking into Dave Grohl’s house, Bill and Ted are giant, muscled, and tattooed. Watching the duo come face-to-face with this version of themselves is incredibly entertaining.

31. Ling Lun

In Chinese mythology, Ling Lun is described as the founder of music in the country. According to said mythology, Ling Lun was a man and believed to have created bamboo flutes. In the film, Ling Lun is a woman played by Sharon Gee.

32. Greatest drummer of all time

While we couldn’t find any information about a prehistoric drummer named Grom, the character is played by acclaimed drummer Patty Anne Miller, who was in Beyonce’s band during her Super Bowl performance.

33. Super old Bill and Ted

Finally, a version of future Bill and Ted that doesn’t totally suck. A very old and incredibly peaceful Bill and Ted not only present the boys with the song that will save reality–it’s called “Face the Music”–they also have heart-to-hearts with their younger selves.

34. Death competing against himself

It’s a nice nod to Bogus Journey that all these years later, Death is still playing games–and cheating at them–even when he’s playing against himself.

35. The crumbling of the Wyld Stallyns

Bill and Ted reuniting with Death also shed light on what happened when the Stallyns fell apart. Death left the band and tried to claim Wyld Stallyns name for himself, which led to a lawsuit between the two sides. We learn that Death went solo after leaving the band, though the world wasn’t too keen on a bass guitar-only act.

36. The 210 freeway

Yes, the 210 freeway is real and it goes right through San Dimas. However, it’s not the multi-leveled massive highway that’s seen in the movie.

37. The real Peston and Logan

Who knew that all along it wasn’t Bill and Ted that would save the universe–it was their kids?

38. Circle K lives

Unfortunately, Bill and Ted don’t have a chance to hang out at Circle K in Face the Music. However, there is a billboard

39. Mozart vs. Beethoven

In what is clearly a nod to Beethoven’s discovery of keyboards in Excellent Adventure, Mozart is a bit more shocked by the sounds he hears the first time he strikes a key. Beethoven was immediately at home, while Mozart seems startled.

40. Station

Unfortunately, we don’t see Station the alien in the movie. However, Kid Cudi pays tribute to the fuzzy creature that splits into twins when addressing Bill and Ted.

41. 69, dudes

Of course, the time circuit code for infinity begins with 69–Bill and Ted’s favorite number. It’s worth noting, though, the numbers on the page don’t match.

42. The Wyld Stallyns ride again

At long last, Preston and Logan found their song and saved all of reality–and the newest Wyld Stallyns lineup rocked the universe, complete with Bill, Ted, and the princesses.

43. Wait, that’s Weird Al

The end credits feature tons of Bill and Ted fans pretending to play music and rocking out. Among them is “Weird Al” Yankovic, jamming on his accordion.

44. And Guillermo, because why not

Another notable face is Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo, playing air guitar.

45. The end

There is no more fitting end than to see Bill and Ted still rocking, even as old men. Given that the franchise’s co-writers told GameSpot this is the end of Bill and Ted’s story, this is quite possibly the last time we’ll see them.