Best Black Friday 2020 Xbox Series X And Xbox One Game Deals

November came in hot, with Microsoft dropping two next-gen consoles and a bunch of other companies releasing a slew of games ahead of Black Friday 2020. And now that we’re starting to see Black Friday ads come in, it’s about to get a lot more wild. There are a ton of deals this year, most of which beat out what we saw last year. GameStop in particular is going hard in the paint, beating out prices at Best Buy and Target. There are even a couple discounts on some Xbox Series X games, not even a month after its launch. Of course, the Xbox One didn’t get as many exclusives as the PS4 this year, but there are still plenty of great games that are well worth playing, no matter which Xbox you own.

All physical Xbox One games can also be played on the Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility or next-gen upgrades. However, no physical games can be played on the Xbox Series S due to that console not having a disc drive.

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