Beat Saber slashes VR sales records after shipping 4 million copies

The mood game was one of the principal major VR deliveries to kick things off.

Beat Saber has formally sold more than 4 million duplicates, alongside more than 40 million paid DLC melodies.

The game’s group took to Twitter to thank everyone for playing the game, adding “this is only the start.” Beat Saber has multiplied its deals in under a year after Oculus revealed in 2020 that it had passed the boundary of 2 million duplicates sold, two years after introductory delivery.

It’s difficult to be 100% complete, however Beat Saber’s 4 million sold (and tallying) is the most noteworthy figure we’ve seen for any VR title up until now. Its wide accessibility across various headsets—PSVR, Oculus, HTC Vive—has no uncertainty made a difference. The game’s seen a consistent arrival of substance in the course of the most recent three years, with various DLC tune packs, a level proofreader, and even a multiplayer mode which delivered in October.

VR has battled to discover its spot in the gaming standard, however 2020 was a major year for development. Half-Life: Alyx was an immense hit, right now sitting at the highest point of Steam’s VR smash hits list. Steam detailed a 39% expansion in VR games deals, as well. While we can’t anticipate the future, we’ve investigated the province of VR and what 2021 may resemble in the virtual world.