Battlefield 6 rumors are rife, but DICE has spaghetti on its mind

There’s additionally reports of an authority overview doing the rounds.

Imagine a scenario where we revealed to you that Battlefield 6 will have “enormous scope and tight situation fights,” “next level obliteration” and “dazzling enhanced visualizations” in addition to other things. Would you be shocked? Front line 6 bits of hearsay are coming thick and quick on the ball expected uncover some time this season, with a new tweet posting a portion of its highlights getting a reaction from the authority Battlefield Twitter account.

The tweet by Roberto Serrano (also known as @geronimo_73) focuses to a cutting edge fighting setting, 16-128 multiplayer matches, customization for officers, weapons and vehicles and a “fall 2021” delivery date. The tweet likewise records a fight royale segment, which will supposedly carry out in mid 2022 as an allowed to-play title.

None of those are especially astonishing—the greater part of those are simply things you’d anticipate from another Battlefield game. The allowed to-play fight royale is dubiously astonishing, and the cutting edge fighting setting hasn’t been affirmed. In any case, beside that it’s the same old thing, correct?

The authority reaction from Battlefield appears to concur, yet it’s completely up to understanding in light of the fact that, uh: spaghetti.

Another gossip doing the rounds on reddit, which hasn’t pulled in any authority reaction, focuses to Battlefield 6 highlighting a center like launcher facilitating “most, if not all” old Battlefield games—somewhat like Hitman 3 is presently host to the entire set of three. However, you should take that with a major spot of salt.

Somewhere else, EA has supposedly given a study to certain players (by means of PCGamesN) testing on a scope of highlights including a fight pass. Whatever the case, it presumably will not be well before we find out about this in an authority limit. Meanwhile, spaghetti.