Barf grenades and ninja blades are coming to Hitman 3 this month

Contract killer 3’s February guide is stomach-beating.

You wrecked, 47. While you were off disrupting one natural superweapon under Sapienza, another was left to create unhampered. Presently, we need to experience a daily reality such that anybody can transform a public group into a clean bad dream because of Hitman 3’s new emetic projectiles—a lamentable device that powers anybody in its shoot span to make a crisis washroom visit.

Those tossable emetics come as a component of two new heightening missions sketched out in Hitman 3’s February guide. Occurring in Mendoza, The Gaucho Antiquity outlines 47 as The Guru, a “well informed poisoner” who utilizes emetic explosives and pens to nauseate his objectives prior to bringing them down. The Proloff Parable, in the interim, takes a more straightforward course—releasing a ninja-clad 47 on a Carpathian train with a Katana and another expert sharpshooter rifle. That is one approach to flavor up our second-least most loved Hitman level, I s’pose.

Both those accelerations are expected on February 23rd. Meanwhile, today brings another agreement trying you to kill Dartmoor’s family totally “unintentionally”. On February eighteenth, a Dubai acceleration slopes up the stakes by setting 47 in opposition to his deadliest adversary yet: coasting boxes. Dubai and Dartmoor will both likewise be getting their own included agreements, separately curated in organization with MinnMax and KindaFunny.

Tragically, that doesn’t mean Agent 47 is going to garrotte Game Over Greggy as a subtle objective (not yet, in any event). All things considered, Hitman 3 is bringing back The Deceivers, a heritage pair of time-restricted hits on Sapienza. Of course, you have one shot and one life to bring down the old chaps between February 26th and March eighth. We’re actually trusting that Hitman 3 will present some subtle focuses of its own. Ideally, they’ll unearth our line of sight in the near future.

That is a respectable measure of stuff coming throughout the following not many weeks, at any rate. IO has plans to acquire some meatier DLC down the line—yet anticipate that those should highlight rethought adaptations of old guides as opposed to all out new stages.