Awesome Games Done Quick’s 2021 Schedule Is Here

Awesome Games Done Quick is returning in January 2021 with the same online-only format seen in this year’s Summer Games Done Quick, as reported by Eurogamer. With participants streaming from the comfort of their own homes, we’ll be seeing games like Hades and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as well as runs requiring special set-ups, like a Beat Saber showcase on the game’s hardest difficulty.

As the first Games Done Quick event since Supergiant’s Hades got its full release, it’s good to see it on the list even if only as a bonus game. The game list has plenty of classic titles including the requisite Metroid and Zelda runs, but also has some oddities that will be well worth a watch. PeekingBoo will be running Celeste entirely on a dance pad, while another run will spend an hour on the infamously bad Zelda CD-I game Wand of Gamelon–with all cutscenes.

AGDQ will also have a section devoted to Super Mario Bros. 35, as the only event that will coincide with the game’s limited release. The schedule includes both a showcase match and a battle showcase for the unique Mario Bros. battle royale.

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