Avatar 2 Releases New Behind-The-Scenes Photos

While it’s looking like the first of the Avatar sequels won’t be arriving until at least 2022, the franchise’s Twitter account continues to drop behind the scenes peeks at the mammoth production. The latest is a series of photos from a trip the cast took to Hawaii to prepare for filming–which, knowing the schedule of Avatar 2, are probably at least 3 years old.

The purpose of the Hawaii trip was for the cast of the sequel to “experience the underwater world” that Avatar 2 will be exploring, and the pictures include Sigourney Weaver post-dive, a trio of actors playing new characters, and the entire Sully family including Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, and the actors who play their characters’ children.

Considering Avatar started filming in 2017, and had already wrapped up performance capture filming by late 2018, it’s likely that these photos are from 2017 or even earlier. The photo of Worthington and Saldana with their screen family is listed as the first time the Sully family was all together–though the photo seems to include Jack Champion, who plays an unrelated human character, and is missing Trinity Bliss, who will play Jake and Neytiri’s daughter.

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