Asus and Ikea have released the ultimate comfort item for real PC gamers

Genuine PC gamers are fuelled by a pleasant hot cup of tea, not Mountain Dew.

A year ago Ikea reported it was collaborating with Asus ROG to sharpen a line-up of gaming furniture—a developing pattern among furniture retailers as they desire to capitalize on the gaming market they’ve wilfully overlooked every one of these years. Presently, the primary items are accessible over in China, with headset stands, work areas, gaming seats, and a mug holder that cuts onto your work area. Flawless.

The appropriately named ‘mug holder’ snares onto the side of any work area up to 4.2cm thick and permits simple admittance to your hot beverages unafraid of slaughtering your $150 gaming console. It’ll interfere with you a humble ¥49 as well, which is generally $7.50 in a straight money trade. The genuine deals cost is probably going to change a few on the off chance that it actually hits the US.

Would you confide in this work area embellishment with your new blend? It in any event looks strong enough for my preferences, however its position in the picture above looks a touch unsafe to us.

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This mug holder speaks to something bigger, however, a more prominent comprehension of the PC gamer condition. We’re not all squeezed up on G Fuel or Sneak. We’re undeniably more frequently fuelled by a pack of Yorkshire Tea or a spoonful of moment espresso.

You’ll discover the mug holder under the LÅNESPELARE arrangement (through The Register), which covers a couple of other Asus ROG frill, including a neck pad, mouse cushion, mouse bungee, and ‘multi-useful pad/cover’. There’s even a moderate ring light and telephone holder combo at ¥249 (~$40), which could make for a fair streaming arrangement on a careful spending plan. There’s additionally a bunch of wheels for your PC, on the off chance that you dread your mid-tower isn’t versatile enough all things considered.

Ikea vows to dispatch the remainder of the Asus ROG line-up in “other Ikea markets” from October 2021. Somewhat of a stand by yet that should see the majority of Ikea’s ROG spec gaming gear make it somewhere else across the globe.