Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Is Mostly Playable On PS5, Despite Warnings

While the PS5 boasts backwards compatibility for PS4 games, Sony released a short list of PS4 games that wouldn’t be compatible with the new console. Ubisoft added its own list of incompatible games, but then later deleted it, leaving gamers wondering if the biggest game on the list, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, was actually PS5 compatible or not.

As it turns out, the answer is… sort of. Kotaku fired up the game on the PS5 to find that it ran fine, but visually was plagued with some highly distracting shadow flickers. Depending on how much patience you have for that kind of thing, the issue may make it unplayable for some, or just minor enough to be ignored.

Kotaku also reported that the game displayed a little warning message when booted on the PS5, which reads: “You might experience unexpected game behavior while playing this PS4 game on your PS5 console.”

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