Ashwalkers is a grim outdoor hike from Dontnod co-founder Hervé Bonin

Anonymous XIII, another outfit from the prime supporter of Life Is Strange designer Dontnod, is setting off on a long, hopeless trip with its presentation title Ashwalkers.

Set 200 years after a volcanic upheaval covered the world dressed in dim, Ashwalkers (recently named Cendres) takes your gathering of voyagers on a path through the fiasco wracked wild to discover cover for their kin. Without a doubt, they probably won’t make it—there are 34 distinct endings to find, with each journey requiring around 2 hours accepting you don’t take an unexpected diversion into an inauspicious end.

Along your path, you’ll be making refueling breaks into the remains of the old world, rummaging supplies and monitoring your group’s physical and emotional well-being. Your gathering is a diverse group of warriors, researchers, and scouts, each pressing their own stuff, expectations and weaknesses, and with improvement headed up by Dontnod fellow benefactor Hervé Bonin, there ought to be some solid story stakes influencing everything. Connections structure, pressures reach a critical stage, and there’s no assurance you’ll show up at your objective the best buds you set out as.

It helps that the atmosphere in this world looks totally malodorous. While Ashwalkers’ visuals appear to be a desaturated Borderlands (complete with cruel pen-drawn shadows and character diagrams), the trailer shows us clearing dust storms, brutal precipitation, and startling glimmers of lightning touching our gathering. Sounds like your normal December conjecture up here in Scotland, however in any event our legends are dressed for it.

I do very much want to meander a decent inauspicious no man’s land in my games (holler to any other individual whose most loved Warcraft zone was Silithus), and the test of keeping a frantic association together through it is quite tempting. Ashwalkers will allow us to sneak into the losses with a demo at the following week’s Steam Spring Festival, in front of its definitive delivery on Steam in the not so distant future.