Arma 2 Footage Was Once Used In An IRA Documentary – And It’s Still Being Used Today

In September 2011, British broadcast station ITV ran a historical documentary called Gaddafi and the IRA. Included in the documentary was footage that purported to show a 1988 attack in which the Irish Republican Army shot down a British helicopter, using weaponry purchased from former Libyan prime minister Muammar al-Gaddafi. But it was revealed shortly afterward that the footage ITV used was not of a real conflict–it had been sourced from popular PC military simulation game Arma II.

If you skip to 00:36 in the above video, you’ll see a sequence in which anti-aircraft heavy artillery is used to take down a helicopter. “With Gaddafi’s heavy machine guns, it was possible to shoot down a helicopter, as the terrorist’s own footage of 1988 shows,” explains the narrator.

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