Among Us Players Can Now Murder Toad

Among Us is a game about creating your own experience. You can tweak and change the in-game rules to your heart’s desire in order to create the experience you want, but some players are going a little further. They’ve found a way to add their own custom character designs to the game by modding it.

One mod turns every crewmate and impostor into a Toad from Paper Mario while another adds Monokuma from the Danganronpa series. Other mods have changed the designs of crewmates, ghosts, and impostors in smaller ways, like this special Halloween design.

“Fungus Among Us” Skin Pack Credit: TimerofPopsicles

Among Us is an online multiplayer game, so every change that individual players make will only show up on their devices, though these new skin packs are fun if everyone in your group adds them to their games. Here’s a tutorial on how to replace the in-game art with other designs. Remember that cheating has become a problem in Among Us, so don’t add any mods that let you alter gameplay.

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