AMD’s latest GPU driver adds a tool to stress test your overclocked graphics card

The underlying instrument invalidates the need to search out an outsider utility to guarantee your GPU overclock is steady.

At whatever point AMD or Nvidia dispatch another designs card, there is commonly a driver update that concurs with it. Thus it goes with the Radeon RX 6700 XT—following its authority revealing recently, there is a refreshed Adrenalin driver accessible (adaptation 21.3.1) that adds support for the card, and it additionally carries with it a pressure testing apparatus to guarantee your designs card is running easily and dependably.

In the wake of applying the driver update, there will be an implicit ‘Execution Tuning Stress Test’ in the Radeon Software utility. One way you could utilize this is to watch that your designs card is working appropriately, however it’s truly planned to help decide whether your overclocked settings are steady.

“Radeon Software opens the maximum capacity of your AMD fueled insight. It gives you admittance to tuning usefulness that is both simple to use for fledgling clients through the a single tick tuning presets, and highlight rich for devotees who like to change every single setting,” AMD clarifies.

“On the off chance that you are a high level client, the new ‘Stress Test’ choice and refreshed execution tuning UI are the devices you need to try out your tuning. Running a Stress Test is simple: check your overclock steadiness with a straightforward snap. New temperature checks make it simpler than any time in recent memory to comprehend execution readouts. We have additionally added markers for execution limits which permit you to see where there is opportunity to get better,” AMD proceeds.

It’s an insightful expansion to the Radeon Software utility, and one of a few things the most recent driver presents. Another feature is Anti-Lag support in DirectX 12 games.

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Hostile to Lag is AMD’s solution to Nvidia’s Reflex innovation, in that it plans to diminish the time it takes for a mouse snap to enroll the proposed activity on the screen. We’re talking milliseconds here, however the nearer these highlights can get to momentary reactions, the better for serious gaming.

The most recent driver additionally extends Radeon Boost into DX12 region. This works with Radeon RX 6000 arrangement designs cards to specifically decrease concealing rates in pieces of a game to reduce the heap on the GPU, which thusly can improve execution.

At long last, the 21.3.1 driver brings back Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC), and adds execution enhancements for Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part Two.

Past the component increments and changes, AMD’s driver group figured out how to shoo away over twelve bugs. They include:

Taking everything into account, it is a beautiful thorough driver update, unquestionably more so than is commonplace. Work isn’t finished, nonetheless. AMD focuses to a few known issues, including one whereby by the beginning and drop catches in the exhibition tuning pressure analyzer now and then vanishes while resizing the Radeon Software window.

You can apply the most recent driver through the Radeon Software utility, or get it from AMD’s driver download page to introduce it physically.