AMD RX 6700 XT rumoured to launch March 18 in ‘more than very limited’ quantities

The AMD talk plant is pounding pinion wheels and letting out stock and delivery date information on the new standard Navi GPUs.

French outlet, Cowcotland, is guaranteeing its ‘organization’ has revealed special data about the fast approaching AMD RX 6700 XT delivery date. The new standard midi Navi illustrations card is allegedly going to go marked down on March 18 this year, however as we’ve all generally expected from equipment dispatches in these dull occasions, supply will be very restricted.

Like, genuine restricted. As, ‘we don’t have the foggiest idea when we’re in any event, going to get dispatch day stock’ restricted. Cowcotland reports it explicitly as “we have just been informed that the amounts will be more than extremely restricted.”

It would seem that it will be somewhat difficult to call this one anything other than a paper dispatch if such bits of gossip end up being valid. Despite the fact that I’m certain if any semblance of Frank Azor can figure out how to get one essentially by clicking revive a couple of times on the store pages, at that point most of us will actually want to pack a sparkling new Radeon RX 6700 XT GPU on the off chance that we need it adequately terrible.

It bears saying that anything which comes credited to the transient idea of a news source’s ‘organization’ of insiders must be treated with alert. The talk probably originates from a contact inside one of AMD’s illustrations card accomplices, with not all locales, and not all accomplices, treated to similar stock levels.

In this way, while the stock for one accomplice in one area may be “more than extremely restricted” that doesn’t really imply that the whole stockpile for AMD’s new standard GPU will be. This is the high-volume end of the illustrations card market, which means you must expect AMD’s purpose that it can get nice inventory out there in light of the fact that we know there is request.

However, given the path dispatches of the most recent a half year have evaporated in practically no time, I’m not holding out a great deal of expectation that things will be immensely unique.

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The AMD RX 6700 XT, and its small kin, the RX 6700, are the following designs cards to emerge from the Radeon corrals and are required to house the AMD Navi 22 GPU. The top chip will show up with a similar 40 CU arrangement as its RX 5700 XT progenitor, yet is being intended to take on the inescapable Nvidia RTX 3060, with both wearing some 12GB VRAM.

The lower-standing RX 6700, in any case, is probably going to dispatch with 36 CUs and 6GB of GDDR6 memory, if the new PowerColor RX 6700 EEC postings are to be accepted.

We’re anticipating that pricing should be around the $400 and $350 mark individually for the two RX 6700-arrangement cards, however it may all rely upon how close, or even how a long ways in front of the RTX 3060 cards the new AMD GPUs get.