AMC Launches Private Theater Rentals

As previously announced it intended to do so soon, AMC Theatres has now officially rolled forward on offering private screenings for up to 20 friends and family members amid the pandemic. As new daily coronavirus cases continue to climb, it seems like a risky gambit but also a welcome respite for groups of people interested in reconnecting with something they probably didn’t even realize was once a hobby: interacting with other humans out in the world.

The chain now has a robust and streamlined website to help users book a theater rental–it’s as intuitive as ordering food from a delivery service, though with prices starting at $99, the costs might run a bit higher. Still, when split among groups up to 20, it’s actually cheaper for, say, a large group to safely see Tenet for $149 plus tax. Depending on location, some movies could cost as much as $349 plus tax, , according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a statement, AMC indicated that a beta launch of this service resulted in 111,000 inquiries around the country.

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