Amazon Says You Don’t Actually Own Purchased Prime Videos

In 2020, most of us buy more digital content than physical, whether it’s music, games, movies, or even TV. Despite how much is available on streaming subscriptions, lots of very new and very old content requires an individual purchase. When you buy a Blu-ray, you can come home and put it on your shelf or hide it under your mattress. What about those digital purchases? Amazon says you don’t actually own that thing you just bought from them, according to a motion filed in a California lawsuit.

California resident Amada Caudel sued Amazon in April, claiming that the company “secretly reserves the right” to revoke access to purchased content on Prime Video. Amazon filed a motion this week to dismiss Caudel’s claim.

First, the company discredited Caudel herself, stating that she not only hasn’t lost access to any content purchased through the application, but that she’s purchased 13 additional titles since filing the suit.

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