Amazon Prime’s Free Games For October 2020 Revealed

With September coming to a close, it’s almost time for a new lineup of free games and loot for Amazon Prime members. October’s Prime Gaming freebies have been revealed, including a few games that are appropriately spooky as Halloween draws near. Starting October 1, Amazon Prime members will be able to snag Layers of Fear, Silver Chains, Dead Age, Surf World Series, and Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl.

Layers of Fear is the standout here. Developed by Bloober Team, Layers of Fear places you in the shoes of a painter attempting to create his magnum opus while on the brink of madness. It’s a first-person horror game with a gripping story and an unsettling atmosphere. Silver Chains is also a first-person horror game, but one that focuses on discovering the truth behind the unsettling tragedies that took place in an abandoned manor.

Dead Age is a roguelike turn-based RPG set in the zombie apocalypse. Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl is an 8-bit brawler designed to look and play like an NES game. Surf World Series lets you design your own surfer and ride the waves at five famous beaches.

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