Amazon Prime Day’s Best Deal Is A Free $10 Credit

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is finally underway, and it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the many deals that are available–in part because it’s not just Amazon, but numerous other retailers throwing their own anti-Prime Day sales right now, too. We’re be keeping track of all the best deals here on GameSpot through the sale, but there’s one in particular that you should absolutely take advantage of, because if you shop on Amazon, it’s effectively free money.

For the duration of Prime Day, buying $40 in Amazon gift cards will net you a $10 promotional credit. These can be digital gift cards you buy for others or physical gift cards you can hand someone for an upcoming holiday. Either way, you’ll get the $10 added to your account, but you’ll need to either use the promo code GC20PRIME when checking out or “clip” the coupon on this page. If you’re buying the gift card for yourself, you can just reload your balance, as long as you make sure to do so for at least $40.

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