Alba: a Wildlife Adventure helps plant over 450,000 trees

Each download of the game plants one tree.

Ustwo Games, the studio behind Alba: a Wildlife Adventure, has reported on Twitter that they’ve planted more than 450,000 trees as a feature of an organization with British reforestation noble cause Ecologi.

The studio is working with Ecologi to “economically plant one tree for each download of Alba: a Wildlife Adventure.” The organization bodes well, with Alba: a Wildlife Adventure being revolved around a little youngster’s endeavor to moderate and tidy up the Mediterranean island her grandparents live on, and Ustwo has said they will likely ultimately plant 1 million trees.

The trees being planted are going towards reestablishing three natural surroundings: a mangrove project in Madagascar, a reforestation project in Mozambique and another reforestation project, situated in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua. You can perceive the number of trees have gone towards every natural surroundings project on Alba’s page for Ecologi. There’s some pleasant designs to show you how far along each gathering of seedlings are, alongside pictures.

You can purchase Alba: a Wildlife Adventure over on Steam, or can give to Ecologi straightforwardly in the event that you need to contribute towards planting more trees.