After Madden 21’s Rocky Start, Dev Says This Is “Just The Start”

Madden NFL 21 didn’t have the smoothest release. As with many of the previous years’ releases, this year’s Madden was criticized by many reviewers, including here at GameSpot, for its bugs and oddities.

EA has now reiterated that launch is just the beginning for the game. “Madden NFL is a live service and longtime players know that launch is just the start of the annual Madden journey,” EA said in a blog post.

To that end, Title Update 2 came out with the game’s official release on August 28, and it includes fixes for Face of the Franchise and Ultimate Team, among other areas of the game. EA is planning another, more substantial update to be released in September closer to the start of the NFL season. This patch sounds like it will provide fixes for some of Madden 21’s more annoying and frustrating bugs.

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