AEW’s Cody Rhodes Opens Up About Being Allowed To Use His Last Name Again

It’s been a big week for All Elite Wrestling’s Cody as he now has the rights to his last name–something WWE has had trademarked for years. But one question is on many wrestling fans’ minds, will he start coming to the ring as Cody Rhodes?

During a press conference for AEW’s Full Gear PPV–taking place on Saturday, November 7–Cody discussed the future of using his name. “I’m very happy about being Cody Rhodes, again. The details of it all aren’t important other than it was a very positive, no hard feelings on either side, type scenario. I will say though it’s not something I probably will use in the wrestling space. I’ve gotten very used to ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody. I like how Justin Roberts says it. I just like it, [and have] for some time.

“Where I’m most excited about ‘Cody Rhodes’ being available again is when it comes to third party ventures and things like Go-Big Show that I just took part in coming to TBS and other projects like that.”

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