Activision confirms Call of Duty: Warzone uses ‘internal anti-cheat software’ as it reaches 300,000 bans to-date

Activision needs Call of Duty: Warzone players to realize that it’s paying attention to the game’s significant tricking issue. That is the message behind another blog entry from the distributer following quite a while of player objections requiring a crackdown on cheating. Notwithstanding affirming the present boycott wave of more than 60,000 records, Activision expressed that Warzone does, in reality, have its own “interior enemy of cheat programming.”

That may appear glaringly evident for an immense game with a large number of players, however Activision has never said as much today. We know from an update back in April 2020 that security groups worked day in and day out to recognize and crush new cheats, however Warzone doesn’t utilize any well known outsider enemy of cheat programming, (for example, BattleEye or Easy Anti-Cheat) the same number of other multiplayer games do. That reality has made players doubtful of Activision’s ability to handle pernicious programming, particularly as cheating in Warzone has gotten so productive as of late. Presently we realize that Activision has settled on a comparative course as Riot Games did with Valorant, building up its own in-house against cheat programming.

In contrast to Riot, which has advanced its dubious enemy of cheat tech as a significant element of Valorant, Activision isn’t saying a lot regarding its own answer. It took this long for the distributer to try and affirm it exists, so that is not very amazing. The present boycott wave is a urging note to go with the news, however. Activision additionally shared top notch of other enemy of cheat moves it has made since Warzone’s dispatch:

On fairly related note, Activision accepted this open door to affirm that Raven Software is, without a doubt, the new source to look to for future Warzone refreshes. “For Warzone interchanges, the Warzone advancement group at Raven Software will start to lead the pack on sharing updates going ahead. We will give month to month refreshes at the very least, and whenever the situation allows, week after week updates to the network,” the post peruses.

The assertion avoids explaining what precisely is Infinity Ward’s job in Warzone’s advancement pushing ahead, assuming any. On the off chance that Infinity Ward is as yet chipping away at Warzone in some limit, it’s presumably protected to expect work has additionally started on the studio’s next enormous venture now an entire year eliminated from Modern Warfare.