AC Valhalla players find a magic superbow in a pile of rocks

It’s a “savage power hack” as indicated by the engineers.

Players of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla have discovered a super-amazing enchantment bow covered up in a heap of gleaming rocks, and they’ve discovered it such that the engineers totally didn’t plan. The mystery bow, made by Assassin’s Creed’s outsider space divine beings, the Isu, is situated under a heap of rocks. There’s some mystery way that no one has very found at this point, but at the same time there’s where you discover the heap of rocks and hit it a few and afterward reload your save and afterward hit it some more. Here’s AC Valhalla Narrative Director Darby McDevitt on the hack:

The weapon itself is an amazingly incredible bow made by the antiquated Isu, which is important for the legend of Assassin’s Creed that lone individuals who outrageously care about Assassin’s Creed think about. The short form, at any rate, is that they’re exceptional outsiders that used to lead mankind. So… it’s an outsider space bow. It’s called Nodens’ Arc, a reference to the antiquated Celtic god related with things like chasing, mending, and canines, and compared by the Romans with their god Mars.

The video beneath, from video maker JorRaptor, clarifies how the adventure works.