20 Best Disney Gifts For 2020: Christmas Gift Ideas For Disney Lovers

Over the past decade and change, Disney has made huge moves, acquiring Marvel, Lucasfilm, and most recently, 21st Century Fox. Although Disney’s catalog has expanded to include two of the largest entertainment franchises around–the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars–that doesn’t mean classic Disney has been pushed into the shadow. Mickey Mouse, the most iconic animated character of all time, remains a cultural staple, and people still flock to Disney Parks (though not nearly as much in 2020). If you have a Disney fanatic in your life, we’ve rounded up 20 great Disney gift ideas for 2020.

We’ve kept the focus on original Disney and Pixar properties for this gift guide, which means no Star Wars or Marvel. However, we also have separate gift guides dedicated to Marvel and Star Wars as well as a bunch more in our 2020 gift guide hub.

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