14 Minutes Of The Medium Gameplay On Xbox Series X Showcases Its Psychological Horror

Developer Bloober Team has revealed an extended look at its upcoming game The Medium, showcasing the psychological horror experience and its environments in 14 minutes of gameplay on the Xbox Series X. The Medium’s story is told across a journey that allows players to explore both the world of the living and the realm of the afterlife.

The main draw here is that players will be able to venture into both worlds simultaneously using a split-screen dual reality gameplay system. The Medium also has its own fair share of danger as players will have to deal with The Maw, a malevolent entity that can travel between realities but manifests as a blind and invisible foe in the living world who stalks the protagonist Marianne.

In GameSpot’s preview of The Medium, critic Alessandro Fillari noted how Bloober Team has built on the atmospheric horror of its previous games to create a tale that is both terrifying and surprisingly emotional.

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